Off Peak

May – June, September – December

If you wish to stay in Courchevel outside of the main Winter or Summer seasons (Off-Peak), the pace of life slows down quite considerably, and you can enjoy a quiet, peaceful holiday. You should, however, be aware that the shops in the resort close for their annual holidays from the end of the ski season until about July. They then close again at the end of August until the start of the skiing season. Outside of the Winter and Summer seasons, there are no shops open in Courchevel 1650, although one restaurant, L’Ambassad’Or, stays open every day of the year, so you can at least guarantee eating out when you stay there.

The only shops you will find open are perhaps the bakery, and at Le Praz—a 5 minute drive down the mountain road, a Sherpa minimarket will cater for most of your grocery shopping. The nearest other shops are at Moûtiers (about 10 miles) or Albertville (25 miles). Albertville is quite a large town, with several ‘out of town’ shopping parks, which include hypermarkets, clothes shops, a garden centre, and the inevitable McDonald’s to keep the children happy! If you venture into the town itself, you will find numerous interesting shops and cafés to suit all tastes. The streets are very pretty, and are attractively lit up at night.

Just outside the town is the Olympic Park, built to host the Winter Olympics in 1992. The impressively designed Olympic Hall hosts various events, whilst the stadium plays host to football matches and athletics events.

During the ‘Off-Peak’ times, you will find the cost of renting our apartment is less. If this is your preferred choice of dates, you can enjoy a particularly inexpensive holiday. Please contact us for details of prices.

If you are considering staying out of season, do get in touch with us, so we can explain more about where to find the nearest shops and facilities.